Meet Carl Baldassarre

The Story Of Baldassarre

Carl baldassarre is a composer, guitarist, songwriter, philanthropist, esteemed financial professional and mentor.

Carl’s creative journey began as a child growing up near Cleveland, Ohio and continues to this day.  Prolific creativity has been a common thread in all of his endeavors to include fronting the award-winning progressive rock band Syzygy, facilitating the acquisition of over 200 companies,  and most recently creating, arranging, writing and performing on a canon of music along with some of the best studio and orchestral musicians on the planet.

The stylistic range exhibited on the 70 plus songs must be experienced to be appreciated fully.  That such a prolific body of work stemmed from a single individual, one who had to overcome incredibly difficult circumstances as a child, is nothing short of remarkable. Carl’s current endeavor is to inspire others by sharing his unique story, in an authentic and transparent way.

Some of the hard-fought lessons that he has learned and would like to share include that the past does not equal the future, that the multitudes of inner beauty that every human being possesses can be expressed in an infinite number of ways, and that it is never too late to realize one’s aspirations and share one’s unique creative gifts with the world. Experience Baldassarre, discover the song inside of you.

Music & Business Testimonials

  • Carl is a smart, thoughtful and patient business partner. My years working with Carl have made me both a better businessman and, more importantly, a better person.
    David Schnadig
    Cortec Group/leading private equity firm in the U.S.
  • Carl was a perfect mentor and guide. He really did care about the success of all who were involved.
    Jeff Talley
    retired CEO of Liberty Safe, Inc.
  • Carl Baldassarre has proved to be the ideal board member for our company: prepared, polished, inquisitive, supportive, creative, firm in his beliefs and yet open-minded.
    Stan Burson
    retired CEO of FFR Merchandising, Inc
  • Carl's work is as expansive as it is intricate. I am lucky enough to closely observe and learn from his process. Carl is unrelenting in his pursuit of mastery in detail.
    Gene Knific
    Award winning composer, arranger and jazz pianist
  • The range of Carl’s composing and songwriting is both eclectic and truly unique. Being part of his ‘next idea’ is something I always look forward to!
    John Hinchey
    Award winning arranger/orchestrator and horn player
  • Carl is one of the most creative artists I’ve had the privilege of working with in my career. As a musician, as a composer, and as a person, Carl’s a delight.
    Dave Martin
    Award winning bassist, engineer, producer, and Member of the Western Swing Hall of Fame
  • Carl is a wonderfully diverse artist and composer. His deep knowledge shows through in his compositions and performances
    Don Carr
    Guitarist The Oak Ridge Boys, Lou Rawls, James Brown, Merle Haggard and Tim McGraw
  • Carl’s insatiable thirst for knowledge of music has him constantly growing as a composer and player without fear of stretching boundaries or limits.
    Phil Naish
    Grammy and Dove Award winning producer, arranger, songwriter and keyboard player
  • Carl has challenged us with so many different styles of music and has brought his brilliance in classical music to my record “Invisible” by composing the Prelude.
    Nick D'Virgilio
    Drummer, vocalist and songwriter Tears for Fears, Sheryl Crow, Kevin Gilbert, Eric Burdon and the Animals, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Spock’s Beard and Big Big Train
  • Carl is a real visionary with a rare set of diverse skills and perspectives. He’s been a continuous and invaluable advisor and counselor to me and our firm over the years.
    Terry Mullen
    Arsenal Capital Partners/leading private equity firm in the U.S.
  • Carl’s distinctive music reflect his love of a creative process informed by a unique, eclectic background -- it’s always a fascinating adventure . . .
    Rick Wentworth
    BAFTA nominated film and TV composer, conductor, orchestrator and arranger
  • Carl is one of the most versatile composers I’ve had the pleasure to work with. His affection for all genres of music is palpable and his passion exudes through his compositions.
    Walfredo Reyes, Jr.
    World renown drummer/percussionist: current member of Chicago
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