The Baldassarre Band

About The Band

Carl Baldassarre is a frequent live performer having fronted many bands over the years including progressive rock bands (Syzygy and Witsend) as well as classic rock tribute acts (YTM, Baldassarre’s Led Zeppelin Revival, and The Soul of Zeppelin).

Most recently he has been performing original music from his new solo album, Grand Boulevard, with his eponymously named band, BALDASSARRE. 

In addition to his original music, Carl’s critically acclaimed tribute act, “Baldassarre’s Led Zeppelin Revival” is a fan favorite. Carl has been playing and studying Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin for more than 40 years. His mastery and interpretation of Led Zeppelin’s repertoire, especially Jimmy Page’s techniques are immensely respected. 

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Over the years Carl has performed and recorded
with many different artists including: 

Nick D’Virgilio
(Genesis, Tears for Fears, Big Big Train), Walfredo Reyes, Jr. (Chicago, Santana, Traffic)

Charles Iverson
(Iverson, Spektral Quartet, Diane Coffee)

Marcus Scott
(Tower of Power) 

Jacob Dupre
(Glenn Miller Orch.)

Don Carr
(James Brown, The Oak Ridge Boys) 

Avery Knific
(Spektral Quartet) 

Phil Naish
(Elton John, Dolly Parton) 

Al Rolik

Guy Snowdon
(The Citizens)

Mark Boals
(Yngwie Malmsteen, Dokken, Ted Nugent) 

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