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Includes a 16-track, USB drive comes in a retro cassette case and is loaded with two, high definition audio formats (FLAC and WAVE files) as well as MP3 files. You also get our 9-page, full-color digital book with photos, lyrics, liner notes and insights. Grand Boulevard contains 55 minutes of great songs of staggering variety and a compelling sound. You must hear this album, it’s quite a journey!

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I’ve been told that my range as a composer is “somewhere between Christmas and being burned alive”.  I suppose Grand Boulevard lives up to that description. Despite the eclectic mix of genres, this album was inspired by a common thread of exploration and creativity. The incredibly versatile guest vocals of Charles Iverson enhanced the project immensely.  Charles was able to tackle anything I threw at him. Whether it was rock, pop, beats, mashups, British blues, heavy metal, bossa nova, light jazz, or anything else, he brought his fresh and unifying take to each track.  In the end, the combination of the mosaic of genres and our unique generational perspectives led to our becoming neighbors on the Grand Boulevard of music.


Track List

  1. You’re Gonna Be Right
  2. Dead Ballet
  3. Ready, Fire, Aim
  4. Sands of Tarifa
  5. Lily
  6. Forever with You
  7. A Little Bit of Heaven
  8. So Seville Good
  9. Simple Song
  10. Gin with Alice
  11. Margarita
  12. Another Day
  13. Wait
  14. The Reckoning
  15. You’re Wrong (Dead Wrong)
  16. Bonus Track: Love Never Dies

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